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Boiler Installation in York

Determining the best kind of boiler may be a stressful physical exertion but Tim Co Plumbing are here to help you through every step of the way. We offer a wide range of boilers and provide all of the detailed advice that’s needed to make you determine what boiler is best for you. Everybody is different and some have different demands than others. But we’ll make sure your central heating system will perform with the precision and quality that is needed to keep you and your family toasty throughout winter season. For replacement boilers or a new boiler installation in York contact our team today or learn more below.

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System Boilers in York

System boiler installations in York are incredibly economical and heat your property efficiently. Many individuals can’t distinguish the difference between a regular boiler and system boiler. So what is the difference? A system boiler occupies significantly less space than a regular boiler because it encompasses the cistern tank and other elements but also still comes with a reliable flow of hot water. Tim Co Plumbing recommends a system boiler for larger premises that don’t have the space to give for storage systems.

The system boiler already has lots of major components of a heating system inbuilt so this results in a much faster and easier installation. Also, the hot water from the system boiler is pumped through the radiators and the hot water cylinder, which in turn delivers a quicker response which is more economical and means lower on operating costs and more importantly electric bills. As all the major components are integrated it saves space and has many of the benefits of a regular boiler.

Pros of System Boilers

  • All main components are built-in which would mean less space is taken up.
  • System boilers are easier to fit and install and are very economical.
  • Provides a faster response for hot water when it is needed, which we know is very important in a demanding family home

Cons of System Boilers

  • Unless the cylinder is well insulated it’s going to lose heat.(This is also true for the feed expansion tank in the loft space on regular boilers.)
  • If the cylinder is not well insulated you will need to wait for it to heat back up again to run a warm bath.
  • The level of hot water that can be supplied depends on the dimensions of the tank.

Heat Only Boilers in York

Heat only boilers in York, also known as regular boilers, can heat your property very efficiently. The heat only boiler uses a storage cistern with two feeds one for hot water and one for cold water. Then the water is pumped throughout the system to which will either be heated up or stored as hot water and then used as and when is required. Also the hot water feed will be pumped around your home to keep it warm.

Heat only boilers are termed regular boilers because it is the conventional technique for heating your house. However if you don’t have the space for a cold and hot water feed then we advocate a system boiler installation in York which effectively does the same as a regular boiler but encompasses the cistern and more all in one rather than an independent unit making more space for you. Heat only boilers are perfect for larger homes or businesses. The reason being is they don’t rely on pressure and supplies constant warm water throughout the premises.

Pros of Heat only Boilers

  • Heat only boilers work even when mains pressure is low.
  • They provide hot water even when several facilities are using hot water.
  • Heat only boilers are pretty straight forward in their design which makes it easier for maintenance.

Cons of Heat only Boilers

  • Bad pressure flow for showers and also low pressure for hot water too.
  • Space is necessary for the feed tanks one for hot water and the other for cold water.
  • There is heat loss given that the hot water is stored and of course it’s going to unsurprisingly lose heat.

Combi Boilers in York

Combi boilers are far more efficient than older boilers since they use more gas because of their design and the deficiencies after long time usage. Older boilers above 10 years old are almost certain to have less efficiency than the new combi boilers currently available. Tim Co Plumbing offer only ‘A’ rated energy efficient combi boiler installation in York which equate to around 90% or more in conserving fuel, meaning a lesser impact on your bank account.

This means that the energy extraction of heat from the gases normally lost in older boilers isn’t wasted in combi boilers. This loss in energy is down to the gases which are being ejected out of the flue in non-combination boilers. Combi boilers have a second heat exchanger so even if there are gases escaping from the principal heat exchanger it is still captured in the secondary heat exchanger. This means there are less gases that escape and at a lower temperature meaning more heat is retained. The effect of this cooling method causes water vapour to condense (hence the name combi or combination boiler) which will form water droplets which are drained out of the boiler into a drain.

Pros of Combi Boilers

  • You no longer need a water tank fitted and all water gets heated as and when it’s needed.
  • They heat the property very efficiently and have much less carbon emissions.
  • You are able to fit the boiler in small places.

Cons of Combi Boilers

  • They aren’t suitable for larger properties because lots of appliances can be used and there will be a sizeable loss in pressure.
  • Combi boilers rely upon water pressure.
  • The more facilities used the less the temperature of the water is going to be.
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