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About us

Tim Co Plumbing is a well overdue solution to a sector that is dogged by years of under-performance, bad history and consumer mistrust. As anybody knows, finding a local plumber or a heating engineer is probably the most daunting jobs of managing the household. Finding a reliable and responsible plumber or heating engineer is practically considered utopia.

We, at Tim Co Plumbing, made a decision to do something about this by designing a powerful team of plumbers and heating engineers. The workforce is protected by a high standard necessary for entrance and similarly high level of qualification and certification necessary on an on-going basis. All plumbers that work with gas central heating boilers are fully Gas Safe trained, and consequently all heating system engineers have the required qualification for the kind of heating systems they’re sent to.The bar not only is high on entry, it is regularly being raised. This is done through constant feedback solicited from our clients directly to our administration team and from check a trade. As well as our on-line local community boards where you, the customer, can submit your positive, and negative, experience with your plumber or heating engineer.

Tim Co Plumbing is managed by expert engineers, with complementing areas of expertise to make certain that our team addresses all applicable facets of the heating and plumbing sector. Our expertise includes areas of Central Heating Systems, Boilers (Gas, System Boilers, Combination Boilers, High Efficiency Condensing Boilers), Kitchen Appliances, Bathroom Suits, as well as a wide range of tangential areas which includes the servicing and repairs to domestic gas boilers and general plumbing jobs in the home.